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Ludum Dare #31

Hey, it’s this time of year again !!!
Another Ludum Dare and as usual I’m exhausted, but proud of the result anyway ^^
We had a strange theme this time: Entire Game On One Screen. Well it’s not like I have done this before. It’s more like a design constraint than a proper theme but anyway… So I decided to use the Snowman theme as well, it was a kind of joke theme that appears on top voted themes.
Whithout further ado, here’s Avoidotron, enjoy !!!

Ludum Dare Page

screenshotClick Here to Play

Ludum Dare #30 : AirShip Defense

Yop !!!

Totally forgot to post my entry to the last Ludum Dare, well part of the excuse is I was in vacation away from home ^^
This time the theme was Connected Worlds, and I have to admit I struggle a bit with this one: I didn’t want to make an obvious scifi game when you connect worlds together with trading routes for instance so I though well maybe floating islands could be considered as worlds, maybe I can connect them somehow… I’m still unsure of the result but there’s still some interesting stuff going on here, stuff I could reuse to expand this gameplay or in a different context, will see.

Here it is:
screenshotClick here to play

Ludum Dare #29 & 1GAM Combo : Something Fishy


Well this post is a bit late but here’s my entry for the last Ludum Dare: Something Fishy !!! the theme was Beneath the Surface, so I used it as a combo for my 1GAM Entry as the theme was Water.

The gameplay is a bit straightforward but it’s working anyway, still lacking a real thing here I guess but ahh still trying to make my two days count more on those quick game jams.

screenshotClick here to play

Ludum Dare 22: Leave Me Alone

Yop !!! Bonne année les gens, pfffiou ça faisait longtemps…

J’ai participé il y a peu au Ludum Dare #22, il s’agit d’un concourt de game developper, faire un jeu en 48h… Bon forcément ça reste un peu basique en si peu de temps, mais ça reste une expérience assez marrante, ça m’a permis d’apprendre aussi un peu plus à utiliser le langage python et la lib pygame.


lien (Windows) : LeaveMeAlone.zip