Ludum Dare #31

Hey, it’s this time of year again !!!
Another Ludum Dare and as usual I’m exhausted, but proud of the result anyway ^^
We had a strange theme this time: Entire Game On One Screen. Well it’s not like I have done this before. It’s more like a design constraint than a proper theme but anyway… So I decided to use the Snowman theme as well, it was a kind of joke theme that appears on top voted themes.
Whithout further ado, here’s Avoidotron, enjoy !!!

Ludum Dare Page

screenshotClick Here to Play

Ludum Dare #30 : AirShip Defense

Yop !!!

Totally forgot to post my entry to the last Ludum Dare, well part of the excuse is I was in vacation away from home ^^
This time the theme was Connected Worlds, and I have to admit I struggle a bit with this one: I didn’t want to make an obvious scifi game when you connect worlds together with trading routes for instance so I though well maybe floating islands could be considered as worlds, maybe I can connect them somehow… I’m still unsure of the result but there’s still some interesting stuff going on here, stuff I could reuse to expand this gameplay or in a different context, will see.

Here it is:
screenshotClick here to play

1GAM May: Failed

Looks like I didn’t manage to pull out something this month :(
I know exactly why:
– As usual I started too many stuff and couldn’t finish one
– I was thinking I could finish something this weekend as I had 4 days off in a row but I ends up being sick the whole time unfortunately

So my usual problems are still there: starting many stuff instead of finishing the one already started and procrastination.
Well I could also say a lot of things to do at work and I usually end up a bit tired back home to develop anything, but that’s kindda lame excuse :P

Here’s a list of stuff I started this month instead of focusing on 1gam (and I guess I’m forgotting a thing or two):
– I tried to make some kind of story game using RenPy: interresting framework I’ll definitelly look more into it
– started a 2d top down arena shooter in unity: I guess this one was my plan for the game of this month, I think I’ll make it into a proper game by the end of june
– started python tools as a helper for microscope rpg and then as a generic node tree editor
– long time ago I’ve started a card game framework in python and wanted to rethink it a bit starting having a server / client on top, nothing really working yet

So, yeah my mistake, starting too much things and not finishing even one of them. I think those days have been heavy working on my full time job part mostly leaving not much energy for anything else, I hope it’ll get better.

Ludum Dare #29 & 1GAM Combo : Something Fishy


Well this post is a bit late but here’s my entry for the last Ludum Dare: Something Fishy !!! the theme was Beneath the Surface, so I used it as a combo for my 1GAM Entry as the theme was Water.

The gameplay is a bit straightforward but it’s working anyway, still lacking a real thing here I guess but ahh still trying to make my two days count more on those quick game jams.

screenshotClick here to play

1GAM March: Space Postman, the narrative version


Sorry I didn’t kept you informed of my dev this month, it is kind of exhausting at work those days…
…Anyway I managed to make something this month.

It’s a kind of narrative version of my previous game. The engine seems to be pretty solid but as it is supposed to be a content heavy kind of game you’ll find something’s lacking from that part unfortunately. I never find time and energy to came up with a better storyline and more branches than that.

Anyway I think the concept itself is interresting, I may complete this stuff latter, add stories, graphics, sounds maybe. The UI needs some improvements too as feedback is not really clear right now. I’ll talk more technical on that game latter, until then you can click the link bellow.


Click here to play

Space PostMan: Update #1

Hey, long time no see… I had a little bit of problem with my computer’s ssd drive who decided it doesn’t want to live on this planet anymore. Fortunately it was mainly used to sustained the os and a bunch of softwares so no data loss, pffffiouu…

I changed a bunch of stuff since last time:
The graphism seems okay now, no more grey cubes, still needs a bit of tweaking here and there I’ll see if I’ll find time to do that. Definitely needs a main menu image.

Sounds !!! I just grab a bunch of sound from, still needs a background music, my friend Kixo told me it may have something for me that’s great ^^

In terms of gameplay:
you now have 2 min instead of one
the pirates are still a bit dumb (I need to work a bit on their AI) but now they shoot and can kill you
I add some asteroids as obstacles

Okay, only five days to go and a bunch of stuff are still missing:
A main menu image
A main song (yeah I’m looking at you Kixo :P)
Less dumb pirates that not stuck in front of asteroids forever and that shoot only at player and not every seconds because they can

Random spawning items like health refill or time extension

I still have other ideas but I’ll keep them for the next months to come. Enjoy

Use arrow keys to move the ship, deliver as many packages as you can in 2 minutes.

Space PostMan: First Proto

Hey !!! Here’s the first prototype for Space PostMan. It lacks proper graphics and sounds but I guess the basic gameplay is here. For now there’s only 3 stations and two dumb pirates who don’t even shoot but I’ll add that later. I think you gonna need some more visual information on the station you should grab and deliver package, maybe not only on the radar but dirrectly on the screen somehow

Use arrow keys to move the ship, deliver as many packages as you can in 1 minute.

1GAM February: Space Postman – planning

In order to make this space trading game it would be simpler to make several steps toward this goal. I came up this simple idea: Space Postman !!!


I’ll start working on different gameplay components that we can use later:
Navigating a spaceship in a top down 2.5d space.
You have a light mail ship without any weapon and you need to deliver packages from station to station.
Pirate ships try to shoot you down to grab the precious packages.
I have already a basic Quest System that will be used to generate random quest (deliver package from A to B) at the begining and every time you complete the delivery. This system will be upgraded later for more complex quests.


Make money / points delivering as many packages as you can in a given time.


Main Menu
Play Screen



Player’s ship
Pirate ship
Background Elements (Planets, Asteroids…)


Generic GUI Skin for menus, buttons…
HUD Radar
HUD Metrics (Health…)


Ship thruster
Ship metal bump
Laser Shot
Laser Impact
Explosions !!!

Music: Main Theme, End Game and Game Over


Power Up (appear on screen or buyable)
Heavier pirates
Weapons for you too (retaliation !!!)