1GAM May: Failed

Looks like I didn’t manage to pull out something this month :(
I know exactly why:
– As usual I started too many stuff and couldn’t finish one
– I was thinking I could finish something this weekend as I had 4 days off in a row but I ends up being sick the whole time unfortunately

So my usual problems are still there: starting many stuff instead of finishing the one already started and procrastination.
Well I could also say a lot of things to do at work and I usually end up a bit tired back home to develop anything, but that’s kindda lame excuse :P

Here’s a list of stuff I started this month instead of focusing on 1gam (and I guess I’m forgotting a thing or two):
– I tried to make some kind of story game using RenPy: interresting framework I’ll definitelly look more into it
– started a 2d top down arena shooter in unity: I guess this one was my plan for the game of this month, I think I’ll make it into a proper game by the end of june
– started python tools as a helper for microscope rpg and then as a generic node tree editor
– long time ago I’ve started a card game framework in python and wanted to rethink it a bit starting having a server / client on top, nothing really working yet

So, yeah my mistake, starting too much things and not finishing even one of them. I think those days have been heavy working on my full time job part mostly leaving not much energy for anything else, I hope it’ll get better.

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