Space PostMan: First Proto

Hey !!! Here’s the first prototype for Space PostMan. It lacks proper graphics and sounds but I guess the basic gameplay is here. For now there’s only 3 stations and two dumb pirates who don’t even shoot but I’ll add that later. I think you gonna need some more visual information on the station you should grab and deliver package, maybe not only on the radar but dirrectly on the screen somehow

Use arrow keys to move the ship, deliver as many packages as you can in 1 minute.

2 thoughts on “Space PostMan: First Proto”

  1. Nice start, only 2 things that “bothered” me:
    – it uses wqsd so English folks would get lost (I hope Unity can detect language)
    – the “score” varies too much depending on the stations you have to reach

  2. Hey, thanks for the feedback bro ^^
    In fact I totally forgot I’d setup wasd keys for azerty keyboard, I was using arrow keys instead. In unity standalone there’s an init gui when you can select the keys you want to change, but it seems you can’t do it in the webplayer version; I should make a select keys option menu somehow though.
    In terms of score I noticed the score you can obtain now can go from 0 to something like 8 (at least I didn’t managed to obtain better than that). That doesn’t leave many room for skill improvement. There’s a bunch of solutions I can think of: make the counter last a bit longer, say 2 min instead of one for example. There’s gonna be more stations, more pirates and more obstacles in the final version too so things will change a lot; We could have randomly generated positions for all those things to tweak the problem every time and have more diverse times. Power ups that make the counter last longer could be another good idea… I think I’ll take a bit of all of those in the final design.

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