1GAM: A Plan (kind of)


So this year I’d be glad to take part in 1GAM as I told before. I know I told the same thing last year and didn’t manage to make it that’s why I need a bit of preparation this time. So here’s a first list of what I’d like to make, I’m pretty sure I’ll not be able to do all that stuff but it a first draft of ways I would follow.

Types of game I want to make:

  • Space Trading Game

    That’s something I want to make for a long time actually (you may remember this attempt ).
    I already started something in unity, first I wanted it to be my first game for 1GAM but it is obvious that it’ll take way more time than just a month to complete. I need to find a way to split the development into several games and each time adding new features within a kind of episodic story.

  • Card Game

    Since I’ve played Magic The Gathering back in the days I always wanted to make a card game of my own. I tried a bunch of times and recently I came up with a prototype I tested with someone who never played this kind of card games and it works. It still needs a lot of tweaking and more content but the basic concept is working. So I was thinking: why not make a computer version of that ?

  • RogueLike / ZeldaLike

    I put those two into the same kind of game because, as one is turn based and the other realtime, they share some common components: elements with simple bevahiours that combined with eath other make some really interresting gameplay, what’s called emergant gameplay. Well at least that’s the way I see it and the way I want to make it ^^

  • Shmup

    Developing a basic shmup is quite easy: as long as you have a box collider manager you can make wave of random enemies appering from the top of the screen. It could be interresting to make something more from that, I dunno… take this simple concept with some polished art or maybe mix it with another kind of games like physics or puzzle games for example

  • Turn based strategy / 4X

    4X are games when you usually control an empire and your goal is to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. They are not necessary turn based but it could be interresting to make a 4x that way. Not sure yet which elements would be involved, pretty sure it’ll be in space…

Also there’s a bunch of concepts I’d like to explore:

  • Procedural Content

    It’s a way to have a different game everytime you play, randomization with some contraints actually. It goes well with a roguelike game as they are always based on this principle. Usually used for dungeon generation with a bit of tweaking you can apply it mostly everwhere. One downside though, as you want something different everytime you need more content and a lot of testing / debugging to check if every pieces goes well together. But in the long run it definitely worth it.
    You can have a look at this site for more information on the subject: Procedural Content Generation Wiki

  • Emergent Gameplay

    I already talked about it, I really need to push forward this. Elegant design is always the best way to go. If you have a bunch of simple behaviour that fit naturally together and everything make sence that’s what I’d call a fucking great win.

  • Emergent Narrative

    This is an interresting concept: basically the story you want to tell unfold through gameplay and not from dialog or cutscenes. It’s the equivalent of movie Show Don’t tell, here we have Play Don’t Show.

  • Non Combat Centric

    Too many games are based on the same principle: you’re the good guy you shoot bad guys, and that’s pretty much it. You can put whatever story you want around it it still the same. Why do we game developper keep doing that ? well because it’s easy in term of action -> feedback. But it still a bit childish, There’s a lot of other ways to explore than that.

  • Multiplayer

    I usually don’t make multiplayer game, I don’t really know why. Well there’s always the multiplayer connection problem if you want your game to be played on several computer. A could make a multiplayer game playable on the same computer though… Wait I already did it for this first month of 1GAM, even if it’s not much I could try to go a bit more in that way.

  • Mobile

    Yeah I know… It’s usually harder than it looks because you have deal with several possible resolutions, optimisation problems and so on. But some people managed to get paid doing that even one man studios, and additionally it could be fun to find new ways to interact with touch screens, gyros, cameras…

  • GamePlay Modules

    This one is a bit more technical but it should be interresting to came up with a bunch of reusable gameplay modules. It should be easy to setup in unity:

    • Dialog
    • Quests / Achivements
    • Inventory / Items
    • RPG Character / Leveling / Skills…
    • Grid Based Layout

Alright that’s more than enough, I’ll not be able to do all of this but at least that’s a goal. Next time I’ll post about what I want to make for February 1GAM.

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