1GAM February: Space Postman – planning

In order to make this space trading game it would be simpler to make several steps toward this goal. I came up this simple idea: Space Postman !!!


I’ll start working on different gameplay components that we can use later:
Navigating a spaceship in a top down 2.5d space.
You have a light mail ship without any weapon and you need to deliver packages from station to station.
Pirate ships try to shoot you down to grab the precious packages.
I have already a basic Quest System that will be used to generate random quest (deliver package from A to B) at the begining and every time you complete the delivery. This system will be upgraded later for more complex quests.


Make money / points delivering as many packages as you can in a given time.


Main Menu
Play Screen



Player’s ship
Pirate ship
Background Elements (Planets, Asteroids…)


Generic GUI Skin for menus, buttons…
HUD Radar
HUD Metrics (Health…)


Ship thruster
Ship metal bump
Laser Shot
Laser Impact
Explosions !!!

Music: Main Theme, End Game and Game Over


Power Up (appear on screen or buyable)
Heavier pirates
Weapons for you too (retaliation !!!)

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