Happy New Year !!!

Yeah I know it’s a bit late for that but anyway (still in january so that’s legit)
So I’ll tell you pretty much the same thing as last year I guess… But wait: Am I talking in english ?!? It seems so, I decided to take a more international turn on my blog to see what happen.

So here’s the plan for this new year:

  • as usual I need to post more stuff on this blog:
    It’s not like I’ve got nothing to show you guys maybe I just need to kick my ass a little bit and put stuff here, even if it’s not really finished, it’s always good to have a feedback. This blog need a bit of layout refreshing too, I’m working on it.
  • I’m hopping to participate to 1GAM this year:
    it’s gonna be tough as my current job is taking a bit too much of my energy unfortunately, but I’m sure I can make it. I’m gonna work a bit on the first game right after this post and put it online right away. This first one gonna be a more or less updated version of an old prototype I’ve made a few month ago. Better games will come next months hopefully, I’ll talk about the plan I’ve got later.
  • Game Dev on Unity:
    I’m mostly working with this wonderfull engine those days and I’ll continue to do so. It’s a great tool for prototyping as you can obtain something really quick and can concentrate on what’s really important. No more flash then… Maybe I’ll do a bit of javascript because you know, it’s always good to know.
  • Work related stuff:
    not sure yet but I’m thinking I should put some stuff from my actual work here like using Maya with python, making of rigging systems… I sure need to add a portfolio somewhere soon.
  • Anyway, I hope you guys are not bored already by all of this, and I hope I’ll be able to follow those steps properly and painlessly !!! Happy new year folks !!!

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